1. This is a film photo I doodled on with thread a while back. From the day I did a topless bicycle hijacking at Byron Bay. Taken digitally with the Nokia 1520. 

  3. My little eye

  4. Minutes before a thunderstorm. Hair on end. Static. 

  5. Self Portraits taken on a disposable in the rain, Pre-Party Fairview Massive, Auckland/ Red eye glam

  6. This is my Baby Bird. My little sister. I was hoping to capture the ‘Yoh’ and ‘Kiff’ Tattooed under her ass, but her face will do just fine.

  7. Ken likes to disco.

    More snippets of a disposable/ Auckland.

  8. This way.

  9. The birds of Goat Ilsland

    Disposable heaven.

  10. This song with this image feel like home to me. 

    Siobhan and Terrease


  11. These colours found me.

  12. On this particular day I was wearing purple glasses… The camera gods must have known, and distorted my film to this colour. The world is a fair amount more amazing then we expect. We we look.

  13. Opposite the Cardboard Cathedral, amongst the rubble of Christchurch there are the strangest moments. This was my favourite.

  14. Ah. That time we did a Magnum PI shoot with a Ferrari for Holy Coast Chrismas party.

    Meet Battle Beyond the stars.

  15. All glitch everything. 

    Corrupting my view of Cape Town